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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking for the one...

Has he arrived? The One!
The Saviour, who people from all nations have flocked to be near, hopes are pinned on this man. The people long for Him to change the world, to unite people as the world needs right now, to bring peace and prosperity, justice and security.

Watching the news today, seeing the joyful history-making inaugaration of USA President Obama, to his position of one of the most powerful men in the world.
People interviewed cried out:
'If he can't sort things out in Gaza, no-one can.'
'A special day for billions of people all over the world'
'To some He is king'
... but can this man possibly have a hope, as a human being, or the power needed, of meeting these massive longings and bringing such change and peace across the world!!! It will be great to see what he does, but i really feel for Him under such pressure, the only hope of so many. Is he sufficient, can he deliver?

Gods word the bible speaks of a rescuer king, who can deliver, who is sufficient, who unites people from all nations, who brings peace and justice and security, forever and ever, in eternity.
Unique as fully God yet fully man. Not flawed in any way, not sinful and totally powerful. Jesus Christ, in whom we can have all of those longings met, never to be threatened or taken, an unshakeable kingdom that will never end, ruled by the most awesome King there could ever be.
I put my hope in Him.


At 5:41 PM, Blogger OddBabble said...

Some of my clients were saying on the day of the inauguaration, things like "He brings such hope, maybe the hope he brings can help me change my habits". It's bizarre how they can pin hopes of something as personal as behaviour change, on another human being on the other side of the world. Obama is not a magician! But you are right in spotting that people are desperate for Someone who can. Obama's slogan is 'Yes we can!'. In reality, 'Yes, He can!' is the only thing that makes sense!


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