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Saturday, April 16, 2011

60 years of wedded bliss!

Grandad and Nanna on their 60th wedding anniversary, diamond!

London in Spring


Discovered: new hangout of joy...

Love this. Vintage stylee cafe, chintz and all, crafts to do, cool things to purchase... genius.

Things i did see...

I love my city... so so random.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer in the city

Some highlights of the summer so far...

Times are a-changing, this summer has been one of many endings and moving on to the next adventure God has prepared for us! After 4 years at St Luke's Hampstead, a fab time of growth in God, in our marriage, in friendships and in depth of understanding of the realities of running the Christian race in this broken world, we said goodbye and moved house, church, job with God's kindness and help evident in all.

God provided Matt with a job at a great church and us with a cosy flat, not in some random new city or country which would have been even harder, but further into the heart of the needy city of London, spiritually bereft and needy in every way. Largely without the gospel and without hope and meaning other than greed, materialism, selfishness and hedonism. Whirring away without God, building kingdoms that will only crumble. London IS a hard, dark place, it needs the Light of the World, Jesus Christ.

So though we have only moved 'down the road' or 'south of the river', we get to keep in good contact with our borthers and sisters at church in Hampstead and get to have some support networks and continuity around us, but we also have many new things to start again with - making friends, new church, new area, new jobs, etc. We trust in God, our rock and refuge.

The upheavals of the summer has been shot through with new beginnings for many of our friends/family too, our two best friends both getting married ( not to each other, Helena to Mark and Roger to Laura in August), my bro buying a flat and moving up to near Watford, amongst other 'beginnings' going on for others around us.

For the first summer in years we haven't gone away on summer camps like Contagious which has been sad, but wise for this year.

We are cautiously, slightly fearfully excited of what this next year or 2 holds and are going to keep on trusting that our times are in HIS hands.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring things in photo...

Eurovision Parrrttteee scoresheet time

Cookie and His birthday cake

American Allie takes us to WICKED!

Spring Things...

Random summary of past month or so! Am so bad at keeping this updated, though i doubt anyone really reads it!!! But for a record of life, and of course remembering the kindness of God in all things i will try and bother more!!!

Lately we/I have...started watching The Wire...hooked already!

I have baked many many cakes and perfected Pippa-ish recipes!

Enjoyed being 'Au Pair/Nanny' to some cuuuuuute kids, doing the school run etc.

Knitted pink wool on pink knitting needles

Saved lots of money in lots of ways

Had blood tests, made some medical progress, and gained more joy and hope and positivity

Been invited to 5 weddings this summer

Started excitedly organising my best friends Hen do

Spent time with my mummy in London, hung out with my brother and His beautiful wiffel

Spoken on the phone to Aussie and Korean pals

Had the privilege of meeting up and having quality time with very very good friends of mine visiting from USA and Oz

Risen to the challenges of serving God in new and different ways

Had generous friends offer to pay for me to go see them in sept in Dublin!

Viewed where we might live next and met some of the people Matt will work alongside and for

Had a hysterical evening at a Eurovision party

Loved celebrating Easter... the rescue of wretched sinners like me by the blood of Jesus at the cross and His victory over sin and death shown in Him being raised to life!

Learned loads about the Resurrection and our risen Saviour Jesus Christ and how that should be impacting life now and gained great hope and longing for future resurrection body and new creation, being finally with God and finally like Jesus

Seen some cool art at some funky galleries

Been taken to see Wicked ( 6th time - oh dear - too much?) with some new cast in, sitting in the best seats ever had, close up, downstairs - amazing

Played tennis and jogged

Injured my knee and recovered, nearly!

Watched the London Marathon

Played golf...badly

Enjoyed 121's in Hebrews

Learned God is Sovereign, Good, keeps His promises, protects His precious people from Exodus

Come up against hard things, hard times.

Experienced the overwhelming grace of God and generous provision of my heavenly Father

Thought long and hard about what i might do next, in september

Flourished through nurturing faithful friendship

Swung on the secret swings

Helped Steph give birth to Knit Wits!

Seen Martine Mchutcheon and Simon Amstell... b list famous people!

Fallen more in love with my church

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness


The sun shone brightly and i felt the heat and warmth on my face and didn't wear a coat for the first like at least 6 months!!!!

My husband and I talked deeply and started to think more seriously about our future and faced adversity, the unknown bound in faith in God together.

I knew that people were praying for me, for us

My baby brother has put an offer in for a property!! ( he is 27!)

I spoke to my bro on the phone!

Spoke to my mum, mum in law, dad in law on the phone also!

The cherry blossom trees made me gasp at their pink confetti like beauty!

I bravely tried out a power plate for the first time ever!

My husband proudly walked through streets of London with me, not ashamed of me in my bright pink tracksuit.

I got to see my Godson with his face painted like an animal scooting on his scooter down the street.

There were many grocerybargains for the bargain queen to get half price on at the supermarket!

I finally cleaned the toilet proper

I felt some joy, not misery, some relief not pressure.

I brushed shoulders with Ken Livingstone in a local store, and earlier this week walked past Sarah Cox leaving my gym!

Drank nice coffee and ate lush seafood.

I wore a pink lego ring and earrings!

It was a bonus to see my friends in the evening.

I twittered, googled and facebooked across major geographical boundaries with incredible friends.

What a superfunfilled day - what grace and kindness of God to provide such a super fun day!
Just a mad march day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking for the one...

Has he arrived? The One!
The Saviour, who people from all nations have flocked to be near, hopes are pinned on this man. The people long for Him to change the world, to unite people as the world needs right now, to bring peace and prosperity, justice and security.

Watching the news today, seeing the joyful history-making inaugaration of USA President Obama, to his position of one of the most powerful men in the world.
People interviewed cried out:
'If he can't sort things out in Gaza, no-one can.'
'A special day for billions of people all over the world'
'To some He is king'
... but can this man possibly have a hope, as a human being, or the power needed, of meeting these massive longings and bringing such change and peace across the world!!! It will be great to see what he does, but i really feel for Him under such pressure, the only hope of so many. Is he sufficient, can he deliver?

Gods word the bible speaks of a rescuer king, who can deliver, who is sufficient, who unites people from all nations, who brings peace and justice and security, forever and ever, in eternity.
Unique as fully God yet fully man. Not flawed in any way, not sinful and totally powerful. Jesus Christ, in whom we can have all of those longings met, never to be threatened or taken, an unshakeable kingdom that will never end, ruled by the most awesome King there could ever be.
I put my hope in Him.

Calvin on Prayer

'The eyes of God are awake to assist the blind in their necessity, but He is likewise pleased to listen to our groans, that He may give us the better proof of His love.'

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It finally happened... of the most embarrassing things that could ever happen to you, that maybe crosses your mind in particular situations as being possible to happen, but so cringeworthy and humiliating that you shrug it off and hope for the best. Yes, one of those moments happened to me, this week, on my 29th birthday. It is super funny but super embarrassing! It has to do with toilets. It's worse than leaving the ladies toilets in a public place with loo roll attached to your heel, or your dress tucked into your knickers. It's worse than doing a big poo on a toilet in a public place and not being able to flush the toilet afterwards.

So Matt and i were out for a birthday meal at one of my fave London restaurants, having a very pleasant time! At the end of the meal, before we were off to stroll around Hyde Park, Green Park and mayfair, i thought i should take the opportunity to use the public convenience, so off i went. It was a large and clean, minimalist space, very modern and agreeable! A bit like the toilets for disabled people, very spacious and with a pull outwards large door and 'lift up to lock' handle. So i lifted up to lock! And walked what seemed like a mile to sit down on the toilet, which now meant i was facing the door at the other end of the room.

As i was going about my business, i did hear a faint noise, like someone trying the door, but of course knew i had locked it so wasn't bothered in the slightest...until i heard the noise again and the door flew open to reveal a smartly dressed business man standing in front of me!
I shrieked, some might call it a scream, shouted "I'm on the toilet", as if he didn't know, and threw my hands down in front of me to conceal my front bottom!
By this time, in fact in the blink of an eye, the man, whose face i did not even see it all occurred so quickly, had gone back out, into the restaurant, shutting the door behind him. How considerate. I now faced the slight problem of waddling to the door speedily enough to LIFT THE LIFT TO LOCK HANDLE, though why i don't know as it clearly didn't work, and get out of the darn toilet, restaurant and local vicinity as soon as possible! My other slight concern was that i had no idea what this man looked like, but he sure knew what i looked like! I was now going to have to exit through the restaurant, probably past the poor man, and probably past his laughing friends who he's told, so i went back to our table where Matt was waiting, unaware of said trauma and put my bright coloured coat on with hood up to disguise myself. And we left. Quickly. With me looking in paranoia from left to right at those dining around us.

Yep - i think thats one of the most embarrassing situations that could happen - but heres the question - who should feel more embarrassed... the person who is happily using the public toilet, or the man who just walked in on her?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tonic for the soul...

Be still, my soul: the Lord is on your side;
bear patiently the weight of grief or pain;
leave to your God to order and provide;
through every change He faithful will remain.
Be still my soul; your gracious heavenly friend
through thorny ways leads toa joyful end

Be still, my soul: your God will undertake
to guide the future as He has the past.
Your hope, your confidence let nothing shake;
all now mysterious shall be bright at last.
Be still, my soul: the winds and waves still know
the voice of Christ that ruled them here below

Be still, my soul, though dearest friends depart
and all is darkened in the vale of tears;
then shall you better know His love, His heart,
who comes to soothe your sorrows and your fears.
Be still, my soul; your Jesus can repay
from His own fulness all He takes away.

Be still, my soul: the day is hastening on
when we shall be for ever with the Lord,
when diappointment, grief and fear are gone,
sorrow forgotton, love's pure joys restored.
Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past,
in His safe presence we shall meet at last.

Catharina Amalia Dorothea von Schelgal (1697-?)
Jane L Borthwick (1813-1897)