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Monday, September 24, 2007

More summer pics...

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Well, i just cannot believe it's been this long! Where did the summer go - in fact it never really arrived weather wise in U.K although now the sun has been out and quite warm for the last week or two! Summer was jammed - I organised and led a Pirates Holiday club which went really well and had the most kids we've ever had to a club before! Then the last day of that we went off to taunton to Taunton 2 camp = it's a Christian camp for teenagers and has a student helper track called TaskForce which we helped with. Then we got 5 days off at home in sunny sussex with my parentals before embarking on our next camp - Contagious Bible centred youth conference which we adore! It was on the resurrection and was so amazing! God taught us so much and challenged us to change to be more like Jesus and know his resurrection power in our lives to say no to sin and yes to Gods ways. Then we ended august with another 5 days of rest and recovery housesitting with a car to use on the sunny south coast, near Brighton. We slept, watched dvd's went for walks and ate good food!

September has started crazily busy as usual - all the youth groups starting up and Matt starting at Bible college part time which has been very cool so far! I have started a new youth group up and we are up to 30 aged 3-7 yr olds on a sunday morning in sunday school!!! This is great growth and a real challenge for me as i seek to co-ordinate leaders and space! Also excitingly my best mate Abi has moved in with us for a month while she completes her TEFL Course! It's so lush!

Hopefully it won't be too long before i blog again!