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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Things...

Random summary of past month or so! Am so bad at keeping this updated, though i doubt anyone really reads it!!! But for a record of life, and of course remembering the kindness of God in all things i will try and bother more!!!

Lately we/I have...started watching The Wire...hooked already!

I have baked many many cakes and perfected Pippa-ish recipes!

Enjoyed being 'Au Pair/Nanny' to some cuuuuuute kids, doing the school run etc.

Knitted pink wool on pink knitting needles

Saved lots of money in lots of ways

Had blood tests, made some medical progress, and gained more joy and hope and positivity

Been invited to 5 weddings this summer

Started excitedly organising my best friends Hen do

Spent time with my mummy in London, hung out with my brother and His beautiful wiffel

Spoken on the phone to Aussie and Korean pals

Had the privilege of meeting up and having quality time with very very good friends of mine visiting from USA and Oz

Risen to the challenges of serving God in new and different ways

Had generous friends offer to pay for me to go see them in sept in Dublin!

Viewed where we might live next and met some of the people Matt will work alongside and for

Had a hysterical evening at a Eurovision party

Loved celebrating Easter... the rescue of wretched sinners like me by the blood of Jesus at the cross and His victory over sin and death shown in Him being raised to life!

Learned loads about the Resurrection and our risen Saviour Jesus Christ and how that should be impacting life now and gained great hope and longing for future resurrection body and new creation, being finally with God and finally like Jesus

Seen some cool art at some funky galleries

Been taken to see Wicked ( 6th time - oh dear - too much?) with some new cast in, sitting in the best seats ever had, close up, downstairs - amazing

Played tennis and jogged

Injured my knee and recovered, nearly!

Watched the London Marathon

Played golf...badly

Enjoyed 121's in Hebrews

Learned God is Sovereign, Good, keeps His promises, protects His precious people from Exodus

Come up against hard things, hard times.

Experienced the overwhelming grace of God and generous provision of my heavenly Father

Thought long and hard about what i might do next, in september

Flourished through nurturing faithful friendship

Swung on the secret swings

Helped Steph give birth to Knit Wits!

Seen Martine Mchutcheon and Simon Amstell... b list famous people!

Fallen more in love with my church


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Liz and Aaron said...

Seems like you have been keeeping yourself pretty busy.


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