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Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness


The sun shone brightly and i felt the heat and warmth on my face and didn't wear a coat for the first like at least 6 months!!!!

My husband and I talked deeply and started to think more seriously about our future and faced adversity, the unknown bound in faith in God together.

I knew that people were praying for me, for us

My baby brother has put an offer in for a property!! ( he is 27!)

I spoke to my bro on the phone!

Spoke to my mum, mum in law, dad in law on the phone also!

The cherry blossom trees made me gasp at their pink confetti like beauty!

I bravely tried out a power plate for the first time ever!

My husband proudly walked through streets of London with me, not ashamed of me in my bright pink tracksuit.

I got to see my Godson with his face painted like an animal scooting on his scooter down the street.

There were many grocerybargains for the bargain queen to get half price on at the supermarket!

I finally cleaned the toilet proper

I felt some joy, not misery, some relief not pressure.

I brushed shoulders with Ken Livingstone in a local store, and earlier this week walked past Sarah Cox leaving my gym!

Drank nice coffee and ate lush seafood.

I wore a pink lego ring and earrings!

It was a bonus to see my friends in the evening.

I twittered, googled and facebooked across major geographical boundaries with incredible friends.

What a superfunfilled day - what grace and kindness of God to provide such a super fun day!
Just a mad march day!


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