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Matt and Pippa Perkins DO London!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Wow - it's 2006! A new exciting year to serve and love Jesus in!

The run up to Christmas was pretty manic! Loadsa carol services for families with children, the church was full at every one with a sea of new faces! We worked right up to the eve of Christmas eve! Went to a drinks party in west hampstead, of a lovely girl who recently became a Christian at church. Didn't realise we were the ONLY people there who weren't in military medicine of some sort! Very weird!
We had a great Christmas, spending it with Yuri at both sets of parents and we went to see the Narnia film - full of Christian imagery! had new year at Helena's party as usual in eastbourne, however this year a vicar and his wife (to whom i applied for a job before taking this one) rocked up and well, they had some very interesting stories to tell, in fact a bit too intimate and interesting at times! A lively pair!
Last thursday hanging out with dan and alison in a local bar, realised we were sitting on a table next to Stephen Merchant! He co-wrote The Office with Ricky Gervais but isn't seen as much on tv as Ricky! That was cool!
Saturday 14th was pippa's 26th birthday and we went on the london eye with some friends before Helena suprised pip by turning up at the bottom of the big wheel! Idea was to go for dinner at the spaghetti house in goodge street with some more friends meeting us there. However, we stopped at starbucks and some nasty person stole Helena's mobile and wallet out of her handbag! This was pretty upsetting for her as she'd just come to see pip for the day! But managed to cancel all the cards and have a nice meal anyway!