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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tea at Harrods darling!

Had a mad crazy social life this weekend (for once!). Sushi at Itsu in Chelsea with Regina friday night. A very classy fun sushi bar with amazing interior decorating and lush food! A really fun night hanging with Regs! I don't know what to do,here's the Christian conscience hurting me, they missed a couple of items off our bill, i realised today. I thought it had been amazingly cheap! Pretty sure i should tell them and pay the difference somehow, but a) it's inconvenient financially and geographically and b) well there is no b. I know what i should do! Pants, it was such a nice suprise to be so cheap!

This afternoon Allie treated me to one of the coolest things and poshest things i have done! She took me to Harrods for afternoon tea! It's so posh! I felt like such an imposter! The little waiter men even come and pour tea into your cup when you have finsihed it, though the teapot is right next to your hand and really, it's not that much of a strain to reach and pour! The scariest thing is that after an hour i was used to sitting with no slouch, straight back, nibbling at scones and clotted cream and listening to Les Mis songs being played on the grand piano by the pianist! The food was lush! You get basically all you can eat for £20 each (i should think so i hear you say) and their special blend teapot with it. Little Cucumber sarnies and others, scones and little pastries!
Most of the time i went red as the waiter poured my tea for me, man he should have been lifting my cup too! And i was giggling nervously saying i feel like an imposter! The loos are lovely, perfume on hand literally! And at the end we asked our lovely italian waiter if we could take the leftovers home! And he gave us a huuuge box ful of what we couldn't eat and put in a huuuge Harrods bag that made me look like i'd bought a large item! Thanks Allie, for a free tea at Harrods! What a treat!
Then with heavy scones sitting in my stomach i went off to meet steffy b for a currrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy - trying to rhyme. We went to this lickel cheap place but after harrods it was a bit horrible so steffy kindly put up with my snobbery and we went to drury lane to Bhattis! The man outside the front door practically pulled us in off the street, whihc wasn't a great time, but we had a nice little dinner and lovely chatting time. I love my friends and i love food, diet starts tomorrow!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Jack Johnson Gig!

Wow what a great night we had saturday! Went to Hammersmith Apollo to see the legend that is Mr Chilled Jack Johnson! If you don't know who he is, you should really find out, his website is and his album thats made him more mainstream is In between dreams.

He's a Hawaiian surfer dude who plays amazing guitar songs and has a group of really great muso mates who accompany him at the gigs, like matt Costa, Ben Harper and ALO. We were in the seating area and by the end the whole place was up dancing and singing along to the mellow tuuuunes! It was well worth the wait, we booked tickest in October and got the last 2! As he sold out in 15 mins! We considered selling them on ebay (is that legal?) for hundreds of pounds but decided to go! I love living in London, apart from the no.9 bus, we had a great night!