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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alligator Alert!

Well we've made it to Florida, for the start of our month adventure of travelling and resting and holidaying. This really is a special time for us, after our 3 years in London we have been generous beneficiaries of the time and the cash to be able to have 28 days away travelling to stay with wonderful friends in Florida and then moving on to spend 3 wks with equally special friends in Sydney Australia and stopping in at Tasmania too! Theses are friends who were instrumental in our conversions and growth in faith and ministry and who have all ended up in Australia!

This is the first trip overseas really that Matt and i have done since our honeymoon in spain nearly 5 years ago, and what with anxiety and trepidation and fear and not knowing how to stop or switch off...well this really is venturing into the unknown!

But of course, as we knew but often sinfully doubted, God is faithful and kind and good and gracious and has caused our journeying to go without a single hitch, in fact, it really has been smooooooth, as good as it could be, aside from perhaps if we had been offered an upgrade to first class! Which we weren't, but you know what? That's ok!!!

And so the flight to Orlando was fine, the passing into the USA quick, including the fingerprint and eye scan and photo that apparently was necessary to pass security! I even got dandelion tea bags into the country, that may have looked suspiciously like drugs packages! No-one really checked. And Meg and Stan were there to warmly welcome us straight off the flight and drove us the 3 hours to their home near Jacksonville. And mainly our days have been spent at the beautiful beach, reading great books in the baking sun and paddling in the warm ocean, swimming in the pool in the back yard that overlooks the lake, bike riding and playing shuffleboard and eating out in lovely restaurants. It's a hard life!

The humidity is almost overwhelming here and we are thankful for the air con in the house and the car! There are palm trees everywhere, and weird lizards around. But the highlight has been today finally laying our eyes on the much talked about alligator who lives in the lake behind the house! Wo!!!!
And so we spend this evening with our sun burn and mosquito bites, but blissfully happy brits in the America i really thought i would never get to visit and never thought i'd like so much!!!
On friday we travel to LA to get the very looooooong flight to Syndey, arriving sunday at 6am.
More updates and hopefully some pics from wintery Oz next week!
All our love xxx