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Monday, January 22, 2007

Taskforce Reunion

17 twenty somethings descended on our house this weekend for the first ever Contagious Taskforce reunion. Contagious is the best bible camp there is, every august, and Taskforce is a group of student age guys and gals who are in the top age of Contagious and can have an opportunity to help and to serve the camp by doing loadsa practical stuff to help Contagious run well.

Matt and I helped lead them in August 2006 and have grown to love them very very much. They are an outstanding group of godly, committed, Jesus loving and living young men and women. They challenged and encouraged us so much and this weekend we all reunited and had fun and games and prayer and encouragement together! It was amazing!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to 2007...

The start of the new year, the time when 'one' looks back to the year gone by and looks forward to the new one to come, knowing that the God of the universe has her back, and walks her forward hand in hand with him.

Let's reflect shall we, on that little bit of history that is 2006...
In 2006 i mostly:
- LOVED the place where God had brought us - the church family, the job, the people, the area
- Missed my good friends we'd left behind in Hull very much
- Saw my weakness and sin ever more clearly
- Understood something more of Gods grace and love for me at the cross, covering my sin and atoning for it, satisfying the right punishment deserved for it

-Rejoiced in GRACE a million times
- Fell in love with Starbucks
- Enjoyed amazing walks on the Heath
- Enjoyed marriage more than ever before
- Realised Gods amazing providence in bringing a special person to Hampstead who I already knew and loved very much
- Was encouraged by Christian brothers and sisters
- Got overwhelmed by their/God's financial generosity to me
- Had a girlie trip to ikea - the annual trip!
- Went on the London eye and ice skating and to art galleries and to open air cinema on south bank and for lovely meals and drinks with friends
- Visited Hull and all my old friends
- Got my nose pierced again
- Ate more fish
- Started loving white choc chip cookies

- Said goodbye to American Allie, rejoicing in her new faith in Christ
- Watched God work and bless our youth work at the Church family weekend away
- Did a counselling course with Kirsten Birkett at Oak hill college
- Turned 26
- Completed the marriage course at HTB
- Watched my husbands preaching gift develop
- Watched too much 24
- Was astounded at Gods protection of us in a number of scary situations
- Organised 2 holiday clubs
- Did 2 excellent summer camps
- Watched too much reality TV
- Was taken for tea at Harrods
- Went to a football match
- Did a food hygiene and first aid course
- Went on Church Student ministries easter Conference
- Went to a buffalo restaurant
- Was confronted with several personal struggles
- Went to a great eurovision party
- Started a book group
- Ate lots of sushi
- Said farewell to emigrating friends
- Went to EMA and lapped up the Piper
- Went on a modeling shoot with Macey
- Went to London zoo
- Had our German friends Ralf and Julia visit
- Had many friends and family visit
- Struck up some really cool new friendships
- Painted pottery
- Took 25 women from church to London Womens Convention
- Had Regina live with us
- Discovered i am the queen of making Roasts and Banoffee pie!
- Reached 3 years of happy marriage
- Had a romantic mini-break in posh hotel in Brighton
- Went to Primark too much
- Grew in love with my Jesus

In 2007, my prayer and hearts desire is to be a better, kinder, much more godly wife to my wonderful hubby and even more than that to love my God and glorify him in ALL my life more than ever before, through His Spirit's work in me.